Accelerate revenue growth and profit with powerful insight into your subscription customers’ usage

The Renewal Insight™ application helps you proactively manage your subscription base with information about who is and isn’t using your tools. Renewal Insight™ gives you the ability to segment your customers between who’s getting immediate value from their subscription and those who may need additional training to reinforce the value proposition.

Search Solutions

Many businesses have large data stores with no way of making the information discoverable. Advanced Search can provide easy to use solutions for helping you, your staff and your customers find answers.

Business Intelligence

Decision making is a very critical need for managers in organizations large and small. See how our business intelligence tools can turn data into powerful business information to help steer your business.

Mobile Solutions

Business decisions need to be made, whether you are in the office or on the road. Our mobile solutions provide easy to use applications for giving answers at the customer location, the subway or the highway.

Advanced Search and Business Analytics delivers world class solutions and services helping our clients make insightful business decisions every day. By unlocking the nuggets of information from your dispersed data stores and presenting it in a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Advanced Search and Business Analytics provides value through business intelligence, search, and mobile solutions. Whether you need to track key business metrics or find eye-opening insights from a collection of seemingly unrelated set of documents and data, our customers feel they finally can gain business knowledge from the flood of data they have, in various formats.

What sets Advanced Search apart from our competitors? We build our applications making the discovery process easier, Advanced Search incorporates effective use of search and filtering which are common metaphors for users in today's internet world.